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Hi, I’m Adrienne.

I’m from Ontario, Canada, and live here with dog who thinks she’s a human, a rabbit who thinks he’s a dog, and an orange creamsicle coloured canary.

I read Tarot cards, drink copious amounts of tea, and have just began branching out into the world of coaching. If you’re looking to heal, or want to shift your mindset and perspective, I’d love to work with you.

In true Gemini (Sun and Mercury) fashion, I have a myriad of interests, so it’s hard to narrow things down to just a few, but that’s why I created Adrienne Amari. This is my little space on the internet to share the things I love and learn, with the hope that it just might help you, too. What can you expect to see here? Well, lots of Tarot – that’s my main squeeze, information on chakras and energy healing, astrology, numerology, essential oils, meditation, and of course my pets.

Want to know what Tarot, spiritual alchemy, and chakra healing has done for me? Keep reading!

Tarot, Chakras, and Healing, Oh My!

While I was introduced to Tarot by my dad in grade six, it wasn’t until about six years ago that I picked up my own deck and started learning. At that point in my life I had just moved back to Canada from Japan, where I had lived for five years. I had built a life for myself there, and while I was ready to return to Canada, I found the adjustment quite difficult. Who was I now?

I felt like I had lost myself. In Japan, I knew who I was. I had a little life carved out there that I was accustomed to. But in Canada, everything was different, and even though I was back in my hometown, living at my parent’s house, and working at my old job, it all felt different. Life changes have a tendency of bringing up a crisis of identity, and that’s exactly what I was struggling with. In an attempt to reconnect with who I was, I looked to Tarot and astrology. If I could understand myself better, maybe I would figure out who I was, and what I was meant to do.

While I still have a healthy interest in astrology, it was Tarot that really drew me in. The symbolism, the way the cards work together, the stories imbedded in each image, each suit, and the Fool’s journey, the colours and the artwork, it all just clicked. I love the fact that it’s steeped in history, and imbued with astrology and numerology. There are so many layers to Tarot, and each one fueled my interest further.

As I continued working with the cards, I learned more about myself. When you ask Tarot cards difficult questions, you can get some pretty intense answers. Sometimes you get answers you’re not ready to confront, but regardless, the process was fun and fascinating. I started reading for other people. Tarot helped me, and I know it can help others. I started readed out my reading anonymously online, and then branched out into reading through the Biddy Tarot Community platform for feedback. I read for friends in person and over text.  I’d bring my cards to work, and we’d pull a card of the day for fun. I started an Instagram account to document my journey, and when I felt ready, I opened up an online shop.

Still, I had sweeping bouts of insecurity. The anxiety I thought I had mostly overcome would creep right back into my life. Was I on the right path? Am I doing the right thing? I felt stuck, and at times, broken. I suffered from crippling imposter syndrome, where for months, I’d back off and give it all up. There was a lot of fear in my life: fear of failure, judgement, and rejection. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to help anyone, and that I simply wasn’t good enough.

It frustrated me to no end, because logically, I had no real reason to feel this way. I had support from family and friends, a stable job, a house, food to eat… so, why couldn’t I just snap myself out of it?

That’s when I came across Om School. It’s funny how the things we need find us when we’re not searching for them. Through Om School I started learning about spiritual alchemy, chakras, and how to go back in your life and work out the past trauma that is affecting you today. I dove right into the chakra system, learning as much as I could about these energy wheels that are present within us. It’s ancient, incredibly interesting, and I’m excited to continue learning more about it.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself, and brought shadows from the past that I thought had no bearing on my life now, to the surface. I’m working on healing these aspects of myself, and while our healing journey is never done, closing the wounds on both past and generational trauma makes your problems easier to deal with as you move forward. It’s been such an amazing experience for me, that I now want to share these techniques with anyone who’s ready and willing.

I became an Om School Certified Coach, and am working through Angie Banicki’s Advanced Tarot Academy, and Ali Campbell’s Life Coach Academy. I focus on providing insightful and empowering tarot readings to those who are open and ready. Let’s work together with the cards to see what messages and guidance the cards have for you.

Why Adrienne Amari?

Naming projects, stories, and websites has never been my strong suit. Even when I was naming my dog I had a hard time making up my mind, and ultimately left the choice up to her. When I decided to bring my journey into Tarot online, my first name was Gilded Wren. Gilded because I liked the shiny, gilded edges on my Tarot deck (Prisma Visions), and Wren because that’s my animal in the Celtic zodiac, and the meaning really resonated with me.

Not too long after, though, I scrapped that. It was time to reinvent myself – I wanted something different. After months of pondering, I came up with Eclectic Gemini. I have a wide range of hobbies and interests, my sun/mercury signs are in Gemini, and I’ve always related quite strongly to most of the stereotypical Gemini qualities.

After two years as Eclectic Gemini, I was ready to change again. Part of this urge came after having a natal chart reading done with Africa Archield. In the reading, she told me that my Aries Moon wants to be seen – and that’s something I’ve always struggled with. Standing out, and being seen. Instead, I’ve hidden behind aliases and various names, and I felt like it was time to be me.

I mulled this over for a long time. I knew I wanted to use Adrienne, but I couldn’t figure out the rest. I thought of using my middle name, but it didn’t sit quite right. I thought of all sorts of names like Healing with Adrienne, or Alchemy with Adrienne, but something held me back.

When I joined The Coven at Om School, we were asked to think of a magickal name; a name that wasn’t given to us, but that we chose. A name that would allow us to put our past selves behind, so we could manifest our dream future, and do spellwork with that intention in mind. I love that idea. I meditated on the idea, to see if anything popped into my mind. It didn’t, but instead I kept seeing bright lights. They were warm, and welcoming – like Christmas lights. Adrienne means dark (as well as someone from Adria), and I felt that I was being told my magickal name should mean something with light; afterall, life is all about creating balance.

I headed to Nameberry, my favourite website for choosing names for story or video game characters – I like things to have meaning. Upon searching for names that meant light, I came across Amari, I knew that was it. I didn’t need to think about it, or look at more names. This one felt right. And so, Adrienne Amari was born.

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