What better way to share the love than with a few free gifts? From worksheets to help you on your tarot journey, to guided meditations to ease anxiety and stress, I hope you find something here to connect with. Make sure you subscribe to updates to be notified when new goodies are available. 


Whether you’re starting out on your tarot journey or a seasoned reader, taking time out to connect with your cards can improve your understanding, and strengthen your skills. 

This Connecting with the Cards worksheet is one of my favourite activities to do whenever a new deck comes into my possession. It’s a simple exercise that has you go through each card, and jot down the first word or impression that comes to mind. You never know what new tidbits you may learn!


Want a great tarot reading? One way to ensure you get the answers you need is to ask the right questions. Adrienne Amari’s Tarot Question Tips guide shares three top tips to formulating that perfect question for the cards.

Also included is a list of 75 great question broken out into six different popular areas of focusing including love and relationships, self-development, career, and achieving goals. 


Feeling anxious or stressed? Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with for a long time, and one thing I found helped me was guided meditations.

Try this 6-minute guided meditation which focuses on breath and mindfulness to restore a sense of peace and calm to a chaotic feeling mind.