40-Minute Live Tarot Reading


What guidance do the cards have for you? Whether you have a few questions or are looking for something more general like just seeing what shows up, or a celtic cross, this 40-minute live reading gives us time to get connected, and pull some cards.

40-minute, one on one live readings give us enough time for a few questions, as well as the ability to add questions as information arises. We’ll start with a brief introduction, deck selection, and then move into your question. The reading will be conducted over Google Meet, and you will receive a copy of the video afterwards. Once purchased, you will receive a link to schedule your time.

General availability: Monday – Wednesday, 6pm – 9pm eastern; Thursday – 6pm – 8pm eastern; Wednesday – Thursday, 8am – 8:30am eastern. I’m happy to work with you to find a time if my general availability doesn’t suit your needs.

Note: If you don’t feel comfortable on video, no problem. There’s no pressure to have yours turned on.



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  1. Julie

    I did a 40-minutes live reading with Adrienne. I was really nervous at first but she helped me feel comfortable quickly. I did not have a question to begin with so she proposed that we looked into a general message. She helped me choose the right deck and explained what she did as as moved forward. I could see both the cards and her as she read and I was able to ask questions or clarifications. It was an awesome experience and I will ask her for more in the near future!

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