45-Minute Live Tarot Reading


What guidance do the cards have for you? Whether you have a few questions or are looking for something more general like just seeing what shows up, or a celtic cross, this 40-minute live reading gives us time to get connected, and pull some cards.

40-minute, one on one live readings give us enough time for a few questions, as well as the ability to add questions as information arises. We’ll start with a brief introduction, deck selection, and then move into your question. The reading will be conducted over Google Meet, and you will receive a copy of the video afterwards.

Current availability can be found at 45-Minute Live Tarot Reading with Adrienne Amari. Upon purchase, you will be able to book through the same link with your order number. If there isn’t a time that works for you, please reach out and we’ll figure a good time out.

Note: If you don’t feel comfortable on video, no problem. There’s no pressure to have yours turned on.

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  1. Julie

    I did a 40-minutes live reading with Adrienne. I was really nervous at first but she helped me feel comfortable quickly. I did not have a question to begin with so she proposed that we looked into a general message. She helped me choose the right deck and explained what she did as as moved forward. I could see both the cards and her as she read and I was able to ask questions or clarifications. It was an awesome experience and I will ask her for more in the near future!

  2. Jayden

    I won a free tarot reading from Adrienne and I was really nervous because I had never done a reading via video chat (or in person) before, so I didn’t know what to ask. Adrienne is such a sweetheart and you can’t help but feel the positive energy vibe from her. After the initial nervousness settled we had so much fun pulling the cards and she got so excited for me. We did a few spreads, with a few different decks and it was spot on and perfect. That is the way Tarot is. It gets you to work on yourself, both positive and negative, and helps you to grow into a better human being. I felt so at ease with her because she radiated such positivity! I definitely recommend getting a reading from her!

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