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Message for April

Message for April

Happy April – and welcome spring! We’re facing some chilly weather here in southern Ontario, but it’s definitely been nice to see some sun! Whether you’re celebrating the change into spring or autumn, I hope this month brings the change you need in your life.

Let’s get right to it with our message for the month! This time around, we’re using the Heaven & Earth Tarot byΒ Jack Sephiroth (Author) and Jaymi Elford (Author) accompanied by an Elder Futhark rune for each pair.

So, you know the drill! Take a look at the pairs of cards below, and pick the one that you feel most called to. Scroll down to read your message (cards are arranged from one to three, left to right). What did you think of your message? Did it resonate? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram!

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