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Message for February 2021

Message for February 2021

Happy February!

I wanted to try something a little bit different this month – a build your own reading! While February is often seen as the month ofΒ love, I decided to focus on a general message, a message for self-care, and a message for a specific relationship in your life. Note that this doesΒ not need to be a romantic relationship, but instead is any relationship that you want advice on.Β 

Read the questions below, and before you make your choice, ask them either aloud or in your mind. Focus briefly on the question, and then choose the card you feel called towards. Cards are numbered 1 – 9 from left to right, starting with 1 on the top left, 4 on the middle left, and 7 on the bottom left. Make note of your choices, and then scroll down to build your February reading!

  • Question One: What do I need to know this month?
  • Question Two: What do I need to focus on for myself?
  • Question Three: Think of a relationship in your life. What do I need to bring into my relationship with (name)?

With the three questions in mind, take a look at the cards and make your choices. This month we’re using the Trinity Tarot by Matt Wisner.

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