A Message for October

Happy October! The leaves are changing colours, the air is growing crisp, and apple cider is hitting the grocery stores! I can’t wait to cruise down the country roads, and enjoy the scenery.

For the October’s month ahead reading, I decided go with skeleton decks! Instead of choosing from the same deck of cards, pick the deck (back) that speaks to you. Then scroll down for your message.

Let me know the comments (or over on Instagram) what message you chose, and how it resonated!


Pair I – Marigold Tarot

The Knight of Coins & Nine of Cups

Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar
Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar
The Knight of Coins is calm, methodical, and hard-working. He understands that to accomplish what you desire, you need to go through the routine, sometimes tedious, tasks.


When we get caught up in the everyday grind, it can feel like we aren’t making progress. This Knight asks you to have a plan, and stick with it. Know that not every step on your journey to success will be exciting.

Be responsible. Be loyal to those you care about. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. This is not the month to flake out on promises and commitments.

The Nine of Cups signifies happiness, fulfillment, and your wishes coming true. Open yourself to love, and abundance. Take no guilt in celebrating all that you have. Treat yourself, and splurge within reason. At the same time, keep the responsible energy of the Knight of Coins in mind so that you don’t get too carried away.

The Nine of Cups encourages us to practice gratitude every day. By doing so, we can shift our mindset and our perspective to a happier, healthier place. Life will always have its ups and downs, but being appreciative and thankful can help us cope better in times of darkness

Keep taking things one step at a time. Remember to stop and look at the big picture, so you can realize how far you’ve come, and remind yourself of all the blessings that are present in your life.


Pair II – Santa Muerte Tarot

Six of Cups & Two of Swords

Santa Muerte Tarot by Llewellyn Publications ©2017

The Six of Cups brings up feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and harmony. It reminds us of simpler times where it felt like we had no worries or stress.

This card encourages us to reconnect with pleasant memories from our past. Reminisce with family members or a long time friend, and perhaps rekindle a connection you once had. Open yourself up to others, and in turn they will do the same.

This is a good month to jump back into hobbies that you have let fall to the side. What do you miss doing? Allow yourself to experience that pleasure and joy again.

The Two of Swords represents decisions, feeling like you’re at an impasse, or needing more information to choose your path forward. When presented with a choice, consider your options. If you need more information, get it. Don’t hold yourself back with excuses and procrastination – a decision must be made.

With the difficult decisions the Two of Swords brings, and the memories from the Six of Cups, it’s important to not let rose tinted glasses distort your ability to make a wise choice. See things for what they really are now, and not what they used to be.

Pair III – Skele-Tarot

Seven of Cups & The Empress

The Skele-Tarot by Stephanie Mayton

The Seven of Cups presents a myriad of options and choices. There are so many paths that are tempting, that it’s hard to know which is the best.

This card speaks of illusions – are you seeing things for what they are? Or are you allowing confusion and wishful thinking to cloud your mind? Things may not always be what they seem this month, and it’s important to realize that wanting something to happen is different than getting up and making it happen.

The Empress brings out our feminine, nurturing side. She encourages us to connect with nature, and fill our lungs with fresh, autumn (or spring) air.

She asks us to take care of ourselves and of others. A relaxing weekend away from the noise of daily life will help heal your tired soul. Feel the earth under your feet, and know that you are an important part of this vast universe.

Take a step back this month – know that always chasing the next best thing will not allow you to appreciate the present comment, and the abundance you currently have. Seek out beauty in the world, and share what you find with those around you.

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