A Message for September

Happy September, friends! This is my favourite time of year – we still get a few lovely days of summer weather, as the season slowly changes to autumn. The leaves here are already changing (and piling up in my garden like crazy!).

Rhea and I have been walking in the mornings as of late, and using the neighbours lovely gardens for the daily card photos. This month ahead reading is no exception!

For September’s reading, I chose the Animal Totem Tarot. It’s one I bought recently, and have absolutely loved working with. If you’re an animal fan, this one is for you. The variety of animals shown is stunning!

On that note – make sure you’re following me on Instagram because sometime this month I’ll be posting a deck flip through with the Animal Totem Tarot! My flip through for the Ghost Tarot can already be found on my IGTV.

Take a look at the three pairs of cards below. Choose the one that speaks to you, and scroll down to get your message. The numbers are I to III from left to right.

Animal Totem Tarot Β©2016 Leeza Robertson (Author), Eugene Smith (Author)


Pair I – Strength & Eight of Wands

Right off the bat, this pair is an interesting one – the reliable and steadfast ox, paired with the wild horse, charging ahead.

With Strength, we are encouraged to be confident, to lead by example, and to not let challenges and obstacles get in our way. Have the inner courage to do what is needed, even when it feels like the weight of the world is pressing against you.

Know that Strength isn’t about pulling back on the reins or tightening your control of a situation. Be diplomatic in your actions; use your words and your skills of persuasion. Lead with compassion.

With the Eight of Wands we get fast paced action – things are happening, and there’s no point in trying to stop them! This month, stop procrastinating. By sitting on your laurels you’re only missing opportunities and delaying the inevitable.

Say yes to opportunities that excite you. Be open, and go with the flow, but remember not to get too caught up in the momentum that you forget to look where you’re going.

Harness your inner power, and be sure to remain calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity. It may feel like things are coming at you, and you have no time to react. Take a deep breath and assess your situation before plunging ahead. Remember, don’t put the cart (and ox) before the horse.



Pair II – Knight of Swords & Four of Cups

With this mix we get air, and sea. The rook and the octopus – both intelligent and cunning in their own right.

The Knight of Swords is intelligent, adventurous, and uses his quick wit to get out of sticky situations. This month you’ll need to think on your feet. Keep your mind unclouded, so you can make clear, logical decisions.

Know that there’s nothing wrong with having a sense of adventure, but realize that the Knight of Swords isn’t one to necessarily stay with things for the long term. If you find your attention waning, pause and reflect. Ambition is wonderful, but know that going where the wind takes you won’t lead to success.

With the Four of Cups we get a sense of apathy. This card often appears when we’re not really sure where we want to go, and paired with Knight’s restless energy, we’re definitely heading off course.

When things seem overwhelming or when you’re ready to jump ship, take a step back. Consider the abundance you have, and the work you’ve put in to get where you are. Are you ready to throw that all away on a whim?

Meditate. Re-evaluate. Think clearly, and open your heart and mind to new opportunities. When you’re finally able to see the paths available to you, choose one and keep moving ahead. Don’t allow indifference to take over.



Pair III – Queen of Cups & Queen of Pentacles

The moose and pig are an unlikely pair, but both know how to take care of themselves and their own.

The Queen of Cups is nurturing and wise. She is in tune with her emotions, and is always ready to lend a shoulder to friends in need. Just like the moose, September is a month to dive deep.

This is a great time to let your creativity flow. Release those emotions swirling around inside you through a creative outlet that you enjoy – not for profit, or for show. Do it simply for yourself.

Rely on your intuition this month. If something doesn’t feel right, that’s probably because it isn’t. Remember, your intuition won’t steer you wrong as long as you’re approaching it from a place of truth, and not ego.

The Queen of Pentacles knows how to live. She knows she’s worked hard for everything she’s accomplished, and understands that self-care and a little self-indulgence is never a bad thing.

Strike a balance this month between taking time out for yourself, and buckling down and getting things done. The Queen of Pentacles understands that it can’t be all work or all play. Don’t feel guilty about celebrating your wins – you deserve it!

This month focus on taking care of yourself, and those you love. Both Queens encourage you to share – share your time, your wisdom, and your love. Be generous with others, and they will repay in kind.

Which pair did you choose? Let me in the comments below – I’d love to hear if your message resonated!

One thought on “A Message for September

  1. I picked pile 3. This really resonates with me. I am working on building a harmony between work and personal life. I am seeing that some days are for buckling down and other days are for just being. I am becoming okay with having days like theses.

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