Beginnings: January

The Aces are often thought to represent the unbridled energy of their suit; they are beginnings and opportunities. For the first day of a brand new year, I thought they would be the perfect place to start.

For January’s reading, I decided to pull out the four Aces: the Ace of Wands, Ace of Chalices, Ace of Swords, and Ace of Pentacles, and used them to gain insight for the month ahead.

Choose An Ace

Take a look at each of the Aces, and think about what you’d like to focus on for the first month of this brand new year. A list of keywords is provided below if you need some ideas. If you’re not sure where you’d like to head yet this year, go with the Ace that speaks to you the most (and that could even mean the one with the most appealing picture). There’s no right or wrong way to choose.

Ace of Wands: passion, creativity inspiration, motivation, confidence, turning ideas into action, new opportunities

Ace of Chalices: relationships and emotional connections, listening to your heart and trusting your intuition, compassion for yourself and others

Ace of Swords: communication, mental clarity, breakthroughs, and bringing focus into your life, truth and justice, forging your own path to success

Ace of Pentacles: a fresh start, planning for the future, steps towards manifesting your goals and desires, financial security, strengthening bonds

January Messages

Find your chosen Ace to read your message for the month of January. I’d love to know if the message resonated with you, so feel free to drop me a line!

The deck used for this month’s reading was the gorgeous Prisma Visions by James R. Eads. It’s one of my favourite decks to read with, and thought it was the best way to start off the new year.

Ace of Wands – Strength

With Strength we have a lion, roaring fiercely in front of his pride. A shadowed figure stands amongst them, confident and secure in their position.

This month, it’s time to bring out your Strength – your inner lion. It’s not so much a time for physical prowess, but to let your inner power shine. Navigate your course with a firm yet gentle hand. Be compassionate and kind. Influence others by example, not by manipulation.

Draw on your inner strength to get through the dips this month. Realize that you have the stamina and perseverance to get through any hardships that come you way.

This is the perfect time to face your fears. Look inwards for courage. Have confidence in yourself and your ideas – you’ve got this!

Ace of Chalices – the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man floats in the water, piranhas circling his body. He looks up into the sky, knowing that any sudden movement might cause the predators to attack.

With the freshness of the new year, we often feel the urge to throw ourselves into action – into new relationships, new hobbies, even new distractions. The Hanged Man is a message that sometimes inaction is the best action. Instead of pushing yourself full force into January, take some much needed time out to pause.

There’s nothing wrong with putting your plans on hold. Breathe. Let go. Give yourself time to think.

The Hanged Man often appears when we feel stagnant or trapped. It’s time for a change, and resisting will only make your path more difficult. Open yourself to new perspectives and you’ll find a world of opportunities before you.

Ace of Swords – Five of Wands

The Five of Wands shows us a group of people at odds with one another. While they should be working together to build a great structure, they’re bickering and all talking at the same time. No one is listening.

This January it’s time to deal with conflict head on. Enough beating around the bush and picking petty arguments. Take a deep breath, set your differences aside, and open yourself to having an honest conversation.

Brainstorming and the exchange of fresh ideas will do wonders for you this month. Allow others a chance to speak and listen when they do. Communicate your thoughts clearly, and be open to differing opinions.

Change is coming, and by focusing rogue energies, you’ll find yourself less stressed and more productive. Remember that a little compromise will go a long way.

Ace of Pentacles – Seven of Chalices

In the Seven of Chalices there are seven goblets wrapped in mist. There are so many cups to choose from that it’s hard to know which one is best.

This January you’ll find yourself presented with a wide range of choices and opportunities. The Seven of Chalices often represents illusions and wishful thinking. While it’s great to have aspirations, start by setting yourself up for success. When planning for the future (whether near or far), be sure that you are setting realistic goals, deadlines, and expectations.

Keep your feet on the ground, and don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by ideas. None of your goals will come to fruition if you don’t back them up with the necessary time and effort.

It’s time to put words and thoughts into action. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with weighing your options before making a decision. But once you choose, work hard, and maintain your focus. Only then will success be yours.

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