Bring In & Release: Message for August

I hadn’t planned on doing a theme for August’s month ahead reading, but as we were relaxing at the beach, I was drawn to the ebb and flow of the waves. As such, I decided to center this month’s reading on a similar feelings: what to bring in, and what to release.

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So without further adieu, take a look at the three pairs of cards below. Which one do you feel called to? Once you’ve chosen, scroll down and read your message for the month ahead.

This month we’re using the Everyday Tarot by RP Minis Β© 2018


Pair I: The Tower & Three of Swords

We’re starting off with quite the intense pair – the Tower and the Three of Swords are two cards people normally don’t want to get. However, this month they bring an important message of change and moving forward.

The Tower, which generally represents upheaval and unexpected, difficult change, is encouraging you to get in front of the surprise. It’s time to make some big changes. It’s going to get uncomfortable, and it’s not going to be easy.

This month will bring a revelation. You’ll be struck with a clarity you haven’t experience in a long time, and you’ll be able to see where this upheaval is meant to take place. Know that fighting this change will only make the transition more difficult. Let it happen.

The good news, is that these changes will bring a sense of renewal into your life. It may rock your current foundation, but you will emerge stronger once all is said and done.

The Three of Swords is asking you to release the pain and heartache you’ve been holding onto. Sometimes keeping our pain bottled up is the only coping mechanism we can manage for the time being. However, this August work on releasing those emotions, even if it’s just a little at a time.

Be honest with yourself, and what has happened. Don’t play the victim or place blame – that won’t allow you to move forward. Realize that it’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to mourn endings, or what never was. There’s nothing wrong with feeling, but know that it’s important to find your peace, and more forward – otherwise you’ll be stuck in a repeating cycle.

Overall, the Tower and the Three of Swords bring a shock to the system. But every now and then, we do need to shake things up to create a better future.


Pair II – King of Wands & Death

In pair two, we have the King of Wands and Death – inspired, meaningful action and transition into something new.

The King of Wands is a strong leader, who is confident and bold. This month, bring those qualities into your life. Remain determined in accomplishing your goals. Know when to seek help, and to delegate tasks to others.

Inspire others with your ideas and your passion, but know that the road to success isn’t through sheer lucky and impulse. While risks are definitely a part of life, know that it’s important to have a plan as you move forward.

The King of Wands reminds you to not let the flame die out. He is filled with fire, but knows how to keep the enthusiasm burning. Going full force can cause for a burnout, so take things at a steady pace, and that flame will keep burning.

For what to release, we have Death. This is a message that you’re holding onto the past, and it’s time to let go. Saying goodbye is never easy, whether it’s to a person, an idea, or a dream, but it is a necessary part of living.

Consider what is holding you back – what ties are you refusing to release?Do what is needed to grieve and gain closure, but know that this is a time of transition. By grasping to what once was you aren’t serving your highest purpose. Learn from your past, but leave what is gone behind you.

Sometimes to realize our skills and dreams, we must shed one of the layers of who we used to be. Allow the endings that Death brings (physically and metaphorically) come, and go with the King of Wands into your next role as a leader, and someone who makes their ideas a reality.


Pair III – The Chariot & The Devil

Pair Three brings another interesting combination: The Chariot and the Devil where we’re encouraged to press forward, but release what chains us.

The Chariot is asking you to amp up your will power so that you can progress down the road for victory! It’s all about using sheer determination to accomplish your goals.

There are always things in life that we can’t control, however, the Chariot tells you to grab those reins, and steer to the best of your ability. It’s time to take action, and to start making things happen. Sitting back and hoping for the best won’t get anything done. If you want something, get up and go for it!

Success can be yours, but know it will take effort and determination. Fight for what you want, know that you deserve it, and don’t let anything get in your way.

The Devil invites you to look at your lifestyle, and your coping mechanisms. Are you living for yourself or for others? What is holding you back or chaining you down? Life is meant to be enjoyed, and while not everything can be fun and rainbows, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out what brings your pleasure.

At the same time, the Devil is a reminder to not get caught up in quick fixes – are you using habits and pleasures as a way of avoiding the truth or the reality of a situation? If so, it’s time to free yourself from that which binds you. Know that the one that is keep you prisoner is yourself.

The Devil goes for what he wants, and paired with the Chariot, there is such a strong message of go for it. Whatever you want for your life, you have the power to manifest. So stop getting in your own way, and make it happen.

Phew, this month was definitely an intense one! As always with the collective readings, take what resonates, and leave behind that which you feel does not apply.

I always love knowing which pair you chose, so leave me a comment and let me know!

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