Free Month Ahead Reading – September, 2021

Happy September! What are you most looking forward to this month?

Personally, I’m excited for the change in the weather and the changes happening here on You may notice the website has gotten a facelift! To add to that, in the upcoming weeks I’ll add live readings to my services. To celebrate, there will be a reading giveaway hosted on my Instagram – so make sure you keep an eye out for that if you’ve been wanting to get your cards read!

With everything that’s going on in the world it can be easy to feel a little out of balance. Therefore,  this month’s reading focuses on how things appear or feel on the surface, and how things are underneath that guise. By pulling cards to look at these two areas of ourselves, we can see how to best reconcile our outer self and inner self to bring peace and balance within. 

Take a look at the three pairs of cards below from the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle and Liminal 11. Choose whichever one you feel called towards, and keep on reading to receive your message from the cards.

Pair One - The Sun & Knight of Wands Rx

At a surface level, things seem to be going well. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it feels like things are flowing. What a great way to start off a new month, and new season! 

You are trying to remain optimistic about various situations in your life, but be sure that you aren’t blinding yourself with positivity.  There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging when things kind of suck – it happens! Keep that cheerful outlook and mindset, but don’t let it reach the point where you’re ignoring actual issues for the sake of positivity.

The Knight of Wands reversed tells us that there’s impatience boiling underneath. You have an itch that you’re dying to scratch, but you know that pursuing that course of action could easily backfire. Nevertheless, you can’t seem to get that idea out of your mind. 

Take a good look at where this energy is coming from. Is this something you truly want or are you simply following a whim? Are you pushing forward with something because you feel like it will bring you happiness and success? Or because you feel like you should be doing it to make others happy? 

When you feel yourself getting restless, take a moment to step outside. Get some fresh air in your lungs. Take time to enjoy just being. 

This is a time to follow your own passions and own path. The Sun encourages us to be vibrant and confident. To share our light with those around us, and use it to inspire others. With the Knight of Wands reversed, be wary of being overly confident. Remember, overconfidence can come across as arrogance, so express yourself and your creativity wisely.

Channel your energy in a productive way, so instead of focusing on the things you can’t control or really shouldn’t be doing (and deep down, you know), concentrate on what brings brightness and happiness into your life. The balance will come when you shine light into the darkness, and view setbacks as a chance to grow instead of something to pummel your way through.

Pair Two - The Star & Five of Cups

The Star brings hope and inspiration to your life this month. Allow yourself to shine, and to be seen by the world.

On the surface, you want to be ready to heal. The Star comes to us after a period of upheaval, and it’s only natural to want to feel that hope and inspiration again. 

Underneath you have those nagging feelings of doubt – as seen in the Five of Cups. In the past few months you’ve suffered setbacks and disappointments, so part of you is hesitant to get your hopes up now. 

You may find yourself in a once bitten, twice shy situation. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the fear of the past repeating itself holds you back. 

Before you can fully accept the energy of the Star, you need to dig down and heal the emotions that are still plaguing you. If you haven’t processed your sadness, take time to go through it. It’s okay to feel sad, but don’t let yourself wallow in self pity. Remember, it’s easy to look at what has been and focus on the negatives, but can you turn your perception around? Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, focus on what you’ve learned. 

Turned your difficulties into inspiration. Remind yourself that you made it through, and allow yourself to true that things will work out. One way to get out of a Five of Cups funk is to remind ourselves of all the good things we have present in our life. Sure, things may not have turned out as you had hoped, but what’s something good that did come of it?

Use the Star to guide you. Keep looking to that light, and when you’re ready, it will guide you forward. But the important part is to stop simply hoping you’ll feel that spark, and take steps to helping yourself find it. Heal, trust, create, and allow yourself to feel fulfilled.



Pair Three - The Magician & King of Pentacles

What a powerful duo! On the surface, we have the Magician which means you are feeling ready to step up and into your power. You know who you are and what you have to offer the world. It’s time to take action and begin turning those dreams and desires into hard and true realities.

With the Magician, it looks like things come easy – it’s magic, afterall! But know that you must take inspired action; nothing is just going to happen simply because you want it to, and it’s not going to happen overnight. There’s a part of you that doesn’t want to show people the ugly side: the blood, sweat, and tears. 

Underneath, we have the King of Pentacles. This is the card that you need to embrace. This King has been through it all. They understand the hard work that it takes to make things come to fruition. They are patient and understand how to properly balance work and life.

Know that things will take time to develop. The Magician in us wants it to happen with the wave of a wand, but the King of Pentacles reminds us that there is a process, and a journey to go through. 

Both cards are cards of action – they get stuff done. To truly bring what you desire to fruition, gather your resources and tap into your talents. Ask a mentor or someone who is skilled in areas you are not for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re not sure what the next step should be.

When you get stuck, don’t give up. Remember, you have the power within you to overcome obstacles. Stay in control of the situation, but don’t turn to shortcuts and manipulation. Things will happen in due time. Get the job done, and do it right.

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