Message for April

Happy April – and welcome spring! We’re facing some chilly weather here in southern Ontario, but it’s definitely been nice to see some sun! Whether you’re celebrating the change into spring or autumn, I hope this month brings the change you need in your life.

Let’s get right to it with our message for the month! This time around, we’re using the Heaven & Earth Tarot byΒ Jack Sephiroth (Author) and Jaymi Elford (Author) accompanied by an Elder Futhark rune for each pair.

So, you know the drill! Take a look at the pairs of cards below, and pick the one that you feel most called to. Scroll down to read your message (cards are arranged from one to three, left to right). What did you think of your message? Did it resonate? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram!

Pair I - Nine of Wands Rx, Seven of Swords, Jera

The Nine of Wands is generally about perseverance, sticking to your guns, and seeing things through to the end. It encourages us to have resilience, and to keep pushing because we’re almost through to the end. However, in the reversed position this card tells us that the actions we’re taking, aren’t being overly effective.

Sometimes, especially when we’re so close to the finish line, we can lose sense of how we’re doing things. Instead, it’s like trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole – we just want to get it done, and over with, so we keep hammering away. While you may feel ready to throw the towel in, and call it quits, however, the Nine of Wands in the reversed position suggests taking a another approach. How can come at the situation in a different way? It’s time to take a look a how you’re doing things; reevaluate, and adjust as necessary.

This brings us to the Seven of Swords, which is often about being sneaky, manipulative or getting away with something. But when we look at these two cards together, we’re being told to be resourceful, and to use our wit. Sometimes taking a shortcut or a different path towards and end goal can turn out prosperous.

The Seven of Swords isn’t telling you to screw people over, but instead to use what’s available to you. What can you do to make your tasks easier? What will help get you to the finish line? Rely on your intelligence, and make sure the actions you’re taking are not all for naught.Β 

The rune Jera brings a message of cycles and reaping rewards as it represents the cycles of nature and life. This is a sign that if you work around the issues at hand, you will not only find a time of contentment, but also prosperity. Use the energy of Jera to break through the stagnation and frustration of the Nine of Wands reversed.

Pair II - Eight of Swords Rx, the World, Isa

The Eight of Swords appears when we are feeling trapped, and unable to face the truths before us. We feel powerless, helpless, and like we are no longer in control of our life. In the reversed position, we’re starting to come out of that mindset, and realize that we are our only path to freedom.

This month, it’s time to take control of your situation. If you’re not happy with how things are in your life, this is your chance to change them. Look at things in a logical, level-headed way. Fight through the obstacles, and know that this is your time to shine.

By doing so, we’re lead to the World which shows success, completion, and fulfillment. By facing the fears brought on by the Eight of Swords, you will be able to reach a new level in your journey. This is a great omen that doing the work within will yield promising results in all areas of your life.

As you work through your shadows, keep yourself open to the world around you. Enjoy the progress you’ve made, and be proud of the person you have become. It’s time for you to own your true power and purpose. The World reminds us to be grateful for what we have, and to see the beauty in everything around us.Β 

Pair with our cards we have the rune Isa, which represents feelings of frustration, a sense of stagnation, and challenges heading your way. While on your journey towards mental freedom, you’ll likely feel as if you’re not making progress – the ice will feel too thick to break through. With the World on the horizon, you’re being encouraged not to give up. Seek the clarity you need, and remember that your answers can be found within – if only you dare to find them.

Pair III - Judgement, King of Wands, Teiwaz

Judgement indicates that an awakening is coming. It’s time to shed your old self, to absolve yourself from the guilt you’re carrying and mistakes that you’ve made. Give birth to a brand new you. Sure, it may sound a little cheesy, but reinventing yourself is a necessary part of life. What purpose are you feeling called towards? Now is the time to explore your calling.

Take a moment to reflect on your year so far. Without reflection and self-evaluation, it’s easy to fall into the same bad habits, and make the same errors. What have you learned from your path? How can you avoid facing the same challenges over and over again? By taking a look at where you’ve been, you can put yourself on a better path as you move ahead. RememberΒ  to learn from your mistakes, but not burden yourself with the past.

As we release our past selves, we are reborn into the King of Wands – a fierce leader, passionate, and determine. The King of Wands knows what he wants, and has the confidence to go after it. You too must do the same. Now is not the time to shrink into the background, but instead to own your power, and rise up to share your ideas with the world.

Be daring. Be bold. Use this King’s fiery energy to take action and make things happen for yourself. With Judgement, you’ll be able to find a better idea of what you want to do (if you don’t know already), and with the King of Wands, you’ll have the energy, confidence, and power to bring those ideas into reality.

Teiwaz brings to the cards the power and strength of a warrior. This rune signifies success, but warns that success can’t always come without personal sacrifice. Understand your strengths and talents so you can utilize them to the best of your ability. Act with honour, and as Judgement has shown us, by learning from where you’ve come from. Don’t allow the passion from the King to become blurred with ambition – stay rational, and analyze your situation before racing ahead.

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