Message for December, 2021

We’ve made it to December, and it’s been quite a year. While I’m not ready to reflect on 2021 just yet, I am looking forward to the holiday season!

This past weekend, we headed out to a local Christmas Tree farm to choose and cut down our tree. It’s always a bit of an adventure, but we found one that worked perfectly, brought it home, and it’s all set up and shining bright! There’s more decorating to do, but that will come over the next few days.

What are some of your favourite holiday traditions? What do you celebrate?

For December’s reading, I couldn’t help but use the Winter Rider Waite (Smith) and the Seasons of the Witch Yule Oracle. They may not match perfectly in colour and style, but they do in theme. So, take a gander at the sets of cards and choose the one you feel more called towards. Read on for your December message.

Pair One - Ten of Swords & Judgement

Pair One - Ten of Swords, Judgement, and Reindeer MedicineThis month isn’t going to slip away quietly, but know that there is an end in sight as both the Ten of Swords and Judgement represent the end of something old, and beginning of something new.

With the Ten of Swords we see things coming to a close. It’ll be difficult, painful, and possibility disappointing. It’s important to remember that we are only able to control so much of what goes on around us.

Temper your thoughts during difficult situations so you don’t fall into a downwards spiral. There may be a sense of betrayal this month, either by someone you thought you knew or even from within. Take this as a sign that something needs to change.

Judgement ushers in an awakening, but that can’t happen if we’re still living in the past. Give yourself the time to go through your disappointment and the difficult thoughts that arise, but make sure you learn from your experiences so you don’t repeat them again. Evaluate your thoughts and actions – what would you do different next time? 

When you’ve given yourself a chance to reconcile with your own mind, close that door behind you. It’s time to open your eyes to a newfound sense of purpose. What is your soul calling you to do? To experience? Or to try?

The ending that these cards bring will help you learn about yourself and your journey. Pay attention. Give yourself a chance to rest and reflect. It’s okay to take cautious steps forward as you recover from this year.

Reindeer Medicine reiterates the message of awakening. Go deep this month. Uncover who you are and what you want. Instead of remaining stuck in the past or throwing yourself into the future, try to remain in the present. 

Know that goals take work. Yes, you’ve encountered stumbling blocks and there will be more along the way, but you can surmount them. Learn from past challenges, and remember your strengths.

Pair Two - Eight of Pentacles & Eight of Cups

Pair Two - Eight of Pentacles, Eight of Cups, StormWhat are you working on mastering? And what is no longer working in your life? These are two questions to consider from the Eight of Pentacles and Eight of Cups.

With the Eight of Pentacles, you’re being encouraged to keep working. What skill have you been honing? Seek mastery, and don’t be afraid to invest time and money into yourself. 

While the Eight of Pentacles tells your hard work is necessary to accomplish what you desire, burying yourself completely in your tasks or studies and allowing yourself to struggle needlessly isn’t going to help your cause.

Pay attention to details, and set high standards for yourself. Know that with time and effort you can and will reach it. Feeling overwhelmed? Ask for help. You may feel the urge to bury yourself in work so that you don’t have to deal with the emotions at hand. Don’t fall into this trap. While learning is a great endeavour, it’s important to check in with where you are emotionally and make adjustments as needed.

The Eight of Cups asks you to look at what is no longer working in your life. That project you thought was the be all and end all has fallen to the wayside, or maybe a relationship has turned sour.  Know that there’s nothing wrong with walking away. Sometimes we need to put down what we’re carrying to make room for growth.

This month, work on broadening your horizons. Seek new experiences, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

Storm tells you that change is coming, whether you want it or not. Yes, things are going to be difficult and uncomfortable. You may feel the ground shaking because it’s hard to give up what you’ve become accustomed to. It’s time to stop fighting your losing battles. Both the Eight of Cups and Storm are encouraging you to walk away. Once the storm clears and the dust settles, you’ll find peace and clarity. 

Keep working, and learning, but trust yourself when to walk away.

Seven of Wands & Ten of Pentacles

Ready to take action and stand up for yourself? The Seven of Wands shows some struggle or competition showing up this month, and it often comes when we thought we were over it all.

Know that when challenges rear their ugly head, this is not a time to back down. Stand strong and tall, and be prepared to fight. Show up for yourself, and know that through resilience and perseverance you can come through the other side. 

It’s hard when people don’t understand your ideas or visions, and you may see that showing up this month especially with family and during family gatherings. You may feel like you want to acquiesce to keep the peace, but it won’t make you feel better in the long run. Make yourself heard, but don’t harp on the disagreements.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to set up boundaries. You need to do what is right for you and the people you care about. Setting boundaries can lead to stronger relationships and connections going forward.

With the Ten of Pentacles, know that there will be a time where you feel the success and abundance that you’ve been fighting for. Things will settle down, and you’ll be able to enjoy what you’ve created. 

As the month winds down, think about the mark or memories you want to leave on the world. This is a great time to create those lasting experiences that you and those involved carry with them.

The Wreath card encourages you to make the most of your situation, reminding you of the ebbs and flows of life. When struggles arise with the Seven of Wands, realize that they won’t last forever. When good times are ushered in with the Ten of Pentacles be grateful for what you have, and stay in the moment so you can fully enjoy your time there.

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