Message for July 2021

Happy July, friends!

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the year, but a new month always brings a new chance to refresh and reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. To shake things up a little this time around, I decided to choose four pairs of cards which are each associated with a word. 

To do that, we’re using both the Spread Machine Oracle by KimberlyM Tsan, and the Spacious Tarot by Annie Ruygt and Carrie Mallon.

What word do you want to bring into your life for July: Solve, Luck, Define, or Purge? Are you looking to sort out issues? Have a change in luck? Define who you are and what you want? Or is it time to purge the past?

Make your choice, and scroll down to reveal your message. 

Solve – Five of Wands Rx and Explorer of Swords Rx

This may be a bit of a tumultuous month, where you’re encountering a lot of roadblocks and arguments. You may find your thoughts and ideas challenged, and it’s going to bite away at your nerves. With the Five of Wands reversed, know that it will be important to take a step back. Know that not every opposite idea needs to be challenged. Make an effort to bring peace into your life by choosing not to get involved in the competition. Remember, not everyone is out to get you – so get out of that mindset.

With our backs already up, and the Explorer of Swords reversed coming into play, we aren’t reacting in the most logical way. Instead of thinking things through, we are giving into impulsive and therefore can be snippy and say things we don’t really mean (or maybe we meant them, but didn’t intend things to come across like they did).

You won’t solve any problems by being defensive or argumentative. Curb those reactions this month, and pay special attention to how you are delivering messages. Know that there’s nothing wrong with letting things slide now and then – you don’t have to be correcting people all the time. Instead, work with those around you to find viable solutions. Communicate clearly. When you feel your frustration beginning to boil, disengage, walk away and take a breather.

Not all problems can be solved in a few moments, and that’s okay. Keep your wits about you, and you’ll be able to work your way through any issues that come up over the course of the month..

Luck – Eight of Cups and Ten of Wands

Looking to bring some extra luck and opportunity into your month? The first step to attracting more luck and abundance into your life lies within the Eight of Cups. It seems that you’ve been trying to make things work, and that’s a wonderful thing. However, it’s not really going as expected – and this can apply to any area of life. Instead of feeling excited and fulfilled, you’re feeling tired and worn down. This card is a sign that it’s time to move on. Not every action or conquest can be a success, and there’s nothing wrong with knowing when to walk to away.

So, shed that baggage. Do what you need to do to let go of what’s holding you down, and release the emotions that are weighing on your heart and mind. You won’t be able to see the opportunities ahead of you until you walk away, and put disappointments and regrets behind you.

With the Ten of Wands we are further reminded of the burdens that we bear. To cope with the disappointment from the Eight of Cups, you may be taking on more than you can handle. Filling your plate will not bring further luck or opportunity, so see where you can delegate. At the same time, the struggles that you are going through are coming to an end. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, work on leaving that in the past so that you can tie up loose ends, and move forward towards better times.

Attract luck into your life by shedding the old, and choosing to see the possibilities that are before you. Finish up projects that are hanging on, and don’t be afraid to abandon them if they are no longer serving you.

Define – Six of Pentacles and Seven of Swords Rx

What do you need to bring clarity and definition to in your life and how will this help you? With the Six of Pentacles we are asked to look at our relationships with money, giving, and asking for help. Would you consider yourself a charitable person? Do you frequently give time, money, expertise or energy to those around you? Are you giving more than you are receiving or vice versa? Do you ask for help when you need it or simply struggle through on your own?

By defining your relationships with these areas of your life, you can better understand how to find the support you need, and see how you can give back to the community. Know that if you’re in a good place, don’t be afraid to help those who are currently less fortunate than you. Know that helping or offering support does not have to always be monetary. What areas in life are you rich in? Focus on sharing those. If things have been difficult, why haven’t you asked for help? There is no shame with asking for a hand when you need it – especially if you make a point to return the favour when you’re in a better position.

This leads us to the Seven of Swords reversed. By examining how you give and accept help, and by being honest with yourself, you’re opening up to truth. This definition can shine a new light onto the areas where you have struggled. You can use the information to think more clearly and to stop manipulating yourself into believing falsehoods. There are lies that you have been telling yourself that aren’t serving you; it’s time to point them out, and cast them aside.

Get a clear idea of who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to offer the world. The Six of Pentacles asks us to connect with our community, and to be kind while the Seven of Swords reversed reminds us that our falsehoods are no longer serving us. Show up as your authentic self. Offer what you truly have, and do it to spread universal love, not for promotion and praise.

Purge – Two of Swords Rx and Two of Wands

What do you need to work on purging from your life this month and what will doing that get you? First up, we have the Two of Swords reversed. It’s time to free yourself of those negative thoughts and see things for how they truly are. You may find that your indecision leads to having no choice, so instead of allowing that to happen, purge yourself from the fear of choosing. It may feel like no option is a good one, but it’s better to make your decision before it’s made for you.

It’s also important to realize that you cannot run from your problems. While you may have been successful in avoiding them up until now, July is going to bring them front and center, and you won’t be able to go around. Face your issues so that you can move beyond them. It’s not going to feel great at the time, but will life a weight once you’re through.

Once you face the reality of the Two of Swords reversed, we reach the Two of Wands.  You’ll be able to expand your horizons, and new possibilities will unfold. Options you never dreamed of will be in front of you. You’ll feel excited again, as you begin to connect more with your purpose. However, you will still need to make a choice. It’ll be much better than before, but make sure you don’t fall into old habits.

Purging out the negativity and indecision leads to attracting the possibilities that are truly available to you. You have the power to own the world you’re in – don’t give that up!

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