Message for June 2021

“Far up in the deep blue sky, Great white clouds are floating by; All the world is dressed in green; Many happy birds are seen, Roses bright and sunshine clear Show that lovely June is here.” — F. G. Sanders

How perfect is that little poem for June? I’m excited for the month ahead, as the weather turns gorgeous, and nature’s colours start to pop. My birthday is on the 13th of this month, so there’s another reason for me to celebrate – just a little. And I’m hoping to celebrate with you! Keep an eye on my Instagram for upcoming details of a birthday giveaway. Furthermore, if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll be eligible for a bonus entry – so subscribe now to stay in the loop!

In other news, I have completely revamped my Tarot Readings page. I’ve removed most of the old offerings, and replaced them with new, improved options that give you more flexibility and choice. I’d love to work with you, and if you have any questions at all about my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Now, onto the good stuff!

This month we’re working with the White Numen Tarot by Alba Ballesta González. It’s my newest deck, and I am totally in love! I also thought why not add some affirmations in for fun. So, I’ve added a card from the Universe Has Your Back Gabrielle Bernstein to each tarot pairing.

Take a look at the sets of cards below, and choose the one you feel called towards. Scroll down to find your message. Cards are arranged from left to right – one through three. Don’t forget to comment below with your choice! 

Pair I – Wheel of Fortune & Nine of Wands

The Wheel of Fortune represents the ups and downs, changes, and luck. The truth of the matter is that life is unpredictable. It moves in ebbs and flows, where sometimes we’re riding high, and other times we’re sinking low. This is natural, and it’s important to know that fighting it, will only make things harder on yourself.

If things are going well for you right now, enjoy it. Ride that wave, and take it as far as you can go. If you’ve been struggling as of late, know that things will be turning upwards in your favour this month. Allow it to happen.

With the Nine of Wands, you are starting to feel the fatigue. You’re tired of fighting to get your ideas out there and tired of standing your ground. You may feel that you have something to prove, and that thought alone drives you to persist. Resilience and grit are admirable qualities, but be sure that you’re not standing in your own way. You are so close to success, that it would be a waste to sabotage yourself or give up now.

Make your stand. Dig your heels into the dirt, and push through to the end. Keep taking inspired action, and you will succeed. Stay confident, and stay courageous. However, make sure that you’re not fighting against the change that your life needs. Not everything is in your control, and that’s okay.

So while you fight for your success, be open to the shifts of the universe. Trust your path, and live in your truth. Don’t cut others down to get what you want, because with the Wheel of Fortune we’re reminded that what we put out into the world, we receive back. 

The affirmation paired with the Wheel of Fortune and Nine of Wands is When I think I’ve surrendered, I surrender more. This pairs perfectly with the notion of the Wheel – surrender to change. Keep your feet planted on the ground, but be open to where your path leads. Stop trying to control every aspect of your life – you can’t do it, and it’s not healthy. Control can stifle growth, so keep that in mind.

Pair II – Six of Wands & Two of Swords

With the Six of Wands you will find yourself reaching a point of success this month. You’ll be at a resting point, where you can celebrate with a sigh of relief, look back on your journey thus far, and see some early accomplishments. During this time, accept the praise and recognition that is coming to you. 

Realize that it was you who got you this far. Appreciate the support you received along the way, but know that you did a good job, and you deserve to be proud of that! At the same time, the Six of Wands is a reminder that while we should recognize our victories, we must realize there is still a long path ahead.

The Two of Swords represents a decision that needs to be made that you will struggle making. The struggle can come from just being indecisive in general, from not having enough information to proceed, or from truly just not knowing what you want to do. As this card follows the Six of Wands, you will reach a stopping point – a milestone to reflect upon, but then stumble on where to go from there.

Know that a decision must be made. You can’t hang around in limbo forever, riding off your recent success. Therefore, do what you need to do to choose. Make a list of pros and cons, talk to people, think things through logically. Now is not the time to dilly dally. Don’t allow yourself to lose the motivation to continue on by getting stuck.

The affirmation paired with these cards is My capacity to tune in to the energy of love gives me the words I need when I’m ready to speak up; the compassion I need when it’s time to forgive, and the power I need when I am lost. Tune into your heart and mind. Listen to what it’s telling you. Share love, to receive love. Be honest to yourself. Talk your thoughts through with someone you love, and you will see the path you need to take.

Pair III – The Chariot & Three of Pentacles

The Chariot brings an all systems go type of energy to the month. You have the willpower and the drive to make things happen! The most important part is that you take control of your life. With this energy behind you, you are sure to succeed and surmount any obstacles that come your way. 

You may need to employ some heavy self-discipline and focus this month to get to where you want to be. Remember, no one can make things happen for you. You must lead the charge if you want change and success in your life. Figure out your plan of action, and then start moving forward. Don’t hold yourself back.

When you encourage challenges, know that you have the determination to get through. Every challenge is a learning experience; an opportunity to add something new to your repertoire. 

The Three of Pentacles is about building a foundation; it’s about community, and working together to create something. This is a great month to collaborate with others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, a strong base cannot be built by one person (or one material for that matter) alone.

Remember that you don’t need to know everything! Trust the expertise of others. Listen and learn from their experience. With the Chariot, you may feel that you need to take the reins – and that is a perfectly legitimate feeling. However, you will get further if you work together. Control your part of the situation, but don’t be overbearing and try to control others.

The affirmation that goes with these cards is When I am in alignment with the love of the universe, peace cannot be disrupted. Follow your true calling; being in alignment with yourself and your highest good will bring peace to your heart and mind. With this inner peace, you will be able to focus on the tasks at hand. You will be open, and willing to ask for the support you need – and you will receive it.

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