Message for March 2021

Happy March! How has your 2021 been thus far?
This month pick a card reading features Tarot of the Holy Spectrum. I’ve loved working with this deck, and am excited to share it with you!
I decided not to go with the theme again this month, but instead pulled three pairs of cards for general advice. Take a look at the pairs, and make your choice. This month seems like it will be an intense one, but just as the old adage goes, “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb”.
As always, I’d love to hear if you’re reading resonated. Feel free to leave a comment here or over on Instagram.
Pairs are organized from one to three, left to right. Let’s get to it!



Pair I: Four of Swords & Two of Swords

The Four of Swords comes after we’ve experienced hardship. You may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain sad. There’s nothing wrong with going through these emotions, however, the Four of Swords encourages you to put down your weapon and take a moment to rest. No one can operate solely on fumes.
Give yourself a chance to recuperate. Process your thoughts, but give your mind a chance to rest. Realize that if you keep pushing forward you will suffer burn out if you haven’t already. There’s no shame in taking time to clear your head.
With the Two of Swords we are faced with a decision, and this card is a sign that you’ve been putting off making any choices. While indecision may seem like the easiest option, it’s time to do what you need to do to decide and move forward.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get more information if you need it. The Two of Swords gives us a great opportunity to weigh the pros and cons. It may feel like both options are equally good or equally bad, however not choosing a path will only cause you to remain stuck in this stalemate for longer.
When we look at the Four of Swords and Two of Swords together, we are told to rest and contemplate, so that we can make good decisions as we continue on our journey. Realize that your choice does not need to be made immediately. Give yourself the space that you need, and be sure to think things through so that you can feel confident in your next steps.

Pair II: Three of Swords & King of Cups

The Three of Swords represents hurt, pain, and possibly betrayal. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, nor is it an enjoyable situation to be in. Unfortunately, pain is part of life; without it, we would be unable to fully appreciate those moments of joy and contentment.
When suffering through loss and battling trauma there are no shortcuts or easy ways out. That said, don’t ignore the issues at hand. While it may be attempting to ignore, the King of Cups which is partnered with the Three of Swords, encourages you to heal.
The King of Cups tells us to take control of our emotions. Be compassionate towards yourself, and try to understand what you’re feeling. Embody the energy of the King to work through your situation. Give yourself time to feel, time to grieve, and time to process, but realize that you must restore balance between thought and emotion, so you can move forward. Consider reaching out to someone you trust so that you can work through your thoughts and feelings together. The King of Cups as an outside source can be a wonderful listener and wise healer. 
Remember that words have power. Don’t lash out at those who are only trying to help when you’re feeling upset and out of control. Take a deep breath, and think things through. Anger is natural, and healthy, but make sure that it’s not misdirected.

Pair III: Five of Cups & The Star

The Five of Cups shows disappointment and regret. Instead of seeing all the wonderful things in your life, you’re focussing on what you’ve lost. There’s nothing wrong with recognizing your disappointment over things not turning out as expected. However, don’t allow yourself to become so caught up in what went wrong that you can’t see the future in front of you.
This month it’s important that you work on letting go. Reflect on your disappointment, and learn from your mistakes. If you are continuously being let down, what does that signify to you? How and where can you improve next time? Seek the positive, even if at first it’s difficult to find.
With the Star we have hope, peace, and a sense of renewal. Take this card as inspiration that things will eventually work out as they’re supposed to. Maintain your faith in the universe, and your faith in yourself. Don’t let go of your hope; good things are on the horizon.
When we look at these two cards together, we get the clear message that by releasing these old emotions that are tying us down, we can heal and feel rejuvenated. Open your eyes to the beauty of the world around you. Inspire, create, and be generous. By putting these energies out into the world, the universe will reflect them back to you.

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