Message for May 2021

Happy May! The weather is warming up here, and despite the snow we had a a couple of weeks ago, it’s truly starting to feel like spring.

This month, I decided to use Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani combined with a card from the Sacred Creator’s Oracle by Chris-Anne. No special theme this month, just a needed message from the universe.

You know what to do; take a look at the three sets of cards, and choose the one you feel called towards. Continue reading and scroll down to reveal your message.

Cards are arranged first to third from left to right.

I – The Empress & Knight of Wands

The Empress is a wonderful card for the month of May, as she represents nature, fertility, nurturing and care, and that beautiful feminine energy. She encourages you to stay grounded; plant your feet into the earth, and embrace that rooted energy. Spend time outside connecting with nature in whatever way feels comfortable for you.

See the beauty around you, and appreciate the abundance you have in life. Spend time caring for those you love, and remember to invest some solid time in taking care of yourself, too. What makes you feel confident and sensual? Engage in those activities.

The Knight of Wands is ready for action and adventure. They are courageous and filled with passionate energy. This month, don’t let fear get in your way. Be confident, and enthusiastic. It’s time to have fun!

May is a good time to get out there and experience the world around you (safely, of course). Get creative, and pursue your passion projects. Remember, not every project has to be monetized. Do things because they bring you a sense of excitement and joy.

With the Empress and the Knight of Wands, this is a great time to put ideas and plans into solid action. The Empress brings life to creation, and the Knight is that forward moving action that let’s nothing stand in their way. Temper the fiery impulse of the Knight with the groundedness of the Empress, and you’re sure to turn dreams into reality.

Perfectly paired with the Empress and Knight of Wands, we have “raw intention”. This card further encourages you to act on your wild, raw intention. Don’t be afraid to live your emotions, and take action on them. Be guided by divine interventions, and allow yourself to see where inspiration takes you. This is not the time to get in your own way: be raw, and be free.


II – Knight of Swords & The Fool

The Knight of Swords is quick on their feet; they are determined, direct, and focused. They know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go for it. This month, it’s your turn to do the same – don’t shy away from being assertive.

This card is a sign that once you set your mind to something, you’re going for it. While this is great motivation, remember to keep your wits about you and your eyes open. Balance the Knight’s ambition so that you’re able to stay on course. Don’t forget that actions have consequences, so think before forging ahead.

With the Fool we get positivity, new beginnings, and adventure. They’re not afraid to try something new or take a leap of faith. This is a great time for new beginnings – whether that’s starting a new project, new relationship, or new chapter of life.

What journey do you want to set forth upon? What has been holding you back? With the Fool you’re being told to just take those first steps, even if you don’t have it all figured out. The Knight is there to balance out the uncertainty; you’ll find the answers you need.

The Knight of Swords can become impatient, however, the Fool reminds us that things will come when they’re meant to. Don’t rush; trust in yourself and in the universe. Use the Knight’s intellect with the Fool’s optimism and adventurous spirit to allow you to move forward without the burden of overthinking or perfectionism.

The oracle card companion with the Knight of Swords and the Fool is “accept and receive”. Know that you’re not in it alone. Accept love and praise from the universe. Accept help when you need it. Receive the gifts the universe is delivering, and know that you are worthy of them.


III – Page of Cups & Strength

The Page of Cups is a dreamer, and can be quite idealistic and sensitive. They are learning to really connect with and trust their intuitive gifts, which makes May a good time for you to do the same.

While the Page can come across as innocent, they encourage us to dream. Know that you’re never too old to entertain your imagination – you can never predict what will come of it. Be open to new ideas, and try expressing yourself in different ways.

Strength can bring us much needed self-confidence and courage. It asks us to be strong enough to be who we are, and to realize we have the inner strength to get through any challenges that come our way. Stay calm, and remain in control.

At the same time, remember that the key to success can often be found through diplomacy. Lead with your heart instead of your fist. Inspire others with your bravery, and they will be glad to follow.

With the Page of Cups telling you to tap into your intuition and imagination, Strength is reminding you to stay true to yourself, and have the courage to turn those dreams into reality. Don’t be afraid to spend time searching for what feels right. Sometimes part of being strong is knowing when something isn’t quite right for you.

Paired with the two Tarot cards is “ambush fear with your ferocious dream” – a perfect sentiment to bind the Page of Cups and Strength. This card tells you not to let anything stand in your way. Have the strength and tenacity to live your dreams, and you’ll realize that those fears weren’t as giant as they once seemed.



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