Message for November 2021

We’re officially into November – what goals have you set for yourself this month?

Last month, I finally started up my Tarot YouTube Channel (which has been super exciting) and I hosted not one, but two Instagram lives. This month, my goals are to add weekly tarot content to YouTube as well as host at least one more live.

On top of that, I’ve been doing a few courses – the Advanced Tarot Academy, and Tarot and Astrology Masterclass (you never stop learning with tarot!), NLP Masterclass, and Guided Meditation Course. While I don’t want to set unrealistic goals for myself, I do plan on making progress across all fronts here, too. 

Now that our little catch is done, let’s dig into our messages for November! This month, I’m using the Fantome Tarot Deck with the Sacred Destiny Oracle. The Fantome Tarot Deck comes with a cool VR app for your phone, where you can learn about the cards by scanning them with your camera! 

As always, choose the set of cards you feel called towards, and scroll down to read your message. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the message you chose!

Don’t forget, If you’re looking for a personal reading, I have plenty of options available. I’ve also opened up more times on my live reading calendar for weekends in November. I currently have 20-minute and 40-minute slots available and I’d love to work together to see the messages the cards have for you!

Pair One - Ace of Cups & High Priestess

With the Ace of Cups, we see fresh beginnings – especially in the realm of emotions, and relationships. Give yourself an opportunity to cleanse away the emotional baggage from the previous months, allowing a clean slate and new start. Know that there’s nothing wrong with feeling your emotions. Sit with them, process them, and release as needed. Sometimes a good cry can do wonders.

Keep yourself open to new possibilities. What new connections can you foster this month? How can you use your creativity to get that self-expression out into the world? What can you give birth to?

The High Priestess pairs wonderfully with the Ace of Cups, as both cards encourage you to hone in on your intuition. Quiet your mind and listen so that you may find the answers that you are seeking. Meditation will be a great tool for you this month, for both your intuition and your emotions.

There is an air of mystery surrounding the High Priestess, so you may find some fog clouding your vision this month. Know that when the time is right, the fog will lift and you will see clearly. Go within, and seek a deeper understanding of both yourself and the world around you.

Trust yourself. Don’t ignore the messages the universe is trying to show you, especially when it comes to a new or rekindled relationship in your life. Feel things through, and remember to channel your emotions in a healthy way so that you can remain in control instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Much like the Ace of Cups, Wonders asks you to keep and open heart and mind. There are possibilities just around corner, so keep yourself open and available to them. Do not hold onto expectations, but know that the more you embrace what comes your way, the more it will grow. As the High Priestess shows, there may be some things that initially are hidden to you. So celebrate the small steps, and free yourself of limitations. Believe the unbelievable.

Pair Two - Ten of Wands & Nine of Wands

The Ten of Wands shows us that this month, you’ll really start feeling the responsibilities piling on. There’s a lot on your plate, the to-do list seems to keep growing, and it feels like you’ll never get through to the end. However, know that you’re almost there! Keep working towards your goals, but be sure to take a step back if you need a moment to breathe.

We often feel that our duties and obligations are solely our own, and while in some cases this is true, know that there are people there who can help lighten your load. Reach out and ask for a helping hand – struggling alone will only increase your exhaustion and wear you down.

With the Nine of Wands we see challenges from the past rearing their ugly head, and this can cause an added struggle to the responsibilities we’re shoulding in the Ten of Wands. You may feel extra guarded, but it’s important to stand your ground. Stay determined to cross that finish line.

Know that it’s okay to set boundaries for yourself. The Nine of Wands shows us that sometimes, we need those boundaries to overcome our challenges. So, if the Ten of Wands keeps piling on and you have the ability to say no, don’t be afraid to stand your ground. Remember, you don’t have to take on everyone else’s tasks. 

Know that this month, you’re being pushed to finish the things that you’ve started – and the Ten of Wands tells us we can, as long as we don’t let setbacks get us down. Prioritize, persevere, delegate, take a break when you need, and keep your boundaries in tact.

Pleasure can be hard to find when we feel like there is so much to get done, but this card acts as a reminder to ‘stop and smell the roses‘. Yes, you have a lot to do, but what is running yourself down to exhaustion going to do? Take time out every day to appreciate the small pleasures in life. Turn off your phone while you have your favourite meal or drink, spend a half hour doing something for the pure enjoyment of it. Celebrating the small pleasures in life will not divert you from your goals, but instead can make your goals seem more attainable.

Pair Three - Two of Cups & Four of Pentacles

The Two of Cups encourages you to open up this month, and work on creating those deep, emotional bonds with people in your life that you care about. It doesn’t need to be something romantic – a friend (old or new), co-worker you click with, or even a family member that you have a special bond with.

This is a good month for making amends, and healing relationships from the past. Know that a strong bond requires cooperation and compromise, so be sure to express yourself and what you need from others.  

Paired with this we have the Four of Pentacles, which is a sign that things are stable and secure. If you’re not quite there yet, then know that’s where your path is heading, just make sure you remain in control – especially of finances. Know that there’s nothing wrong with splurging every now and then, so don’t feel guilty if or when you do. Just make sure that you’re in a position to do so.

While the Four of Pentacles often relates to our relationship with money and material wealth, it can also relate to the security we find in our personal relationships. The Four of Pentacles can come across as guarded, so while the Two of Cups is telling us to open up and strengthen those bonds, we may feel ourselves pulling back and becoming protective either of our own feelings or people in our lives. 

Loosen the grip a little. Take this month to really enjoy yourself with no ulterior motives and without the desire to control every moment or feeling around you. Be vulnerable, and be totally authentic to who you are – sharing our true selves with the world. 

With this pair we have Standstill. We may find this month that things that seemed to be progressing along suddenly come to a halt. Movement forward is more difficult, and we feel stuck. Look under the surface. Are we really stuck or have we come across an obstacle that immoveable which we must instead go around? This can relate back to our idea of control in the Four of Pentacles – are you stuck or are you feeling insecure and thus creating obstacles in your way? Are you truly opening yourself up or are you still holding back? Let that truth flow through you, see what you truly have, and things will start moving again.

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