Message for November

November has started off blustery and cold here in Southern Ontario! That said, I love watching the leaves fall from the trees, and blow around the in the air. Autumn is truly my favourite season. 

I’m fully “moved in” to! It was an easier transition than I expected, and I have so many exciting things coming up, as well as ideas swirling around in the back of my mind. For more information about the name change, check out the About Me page. 

For this month’s reading, I didn’t do a specific theme, and instead pulled cards with the intent of general advice for November.  I decided to use crystals in the pick-a-card layout to differentiate the pairs.

From left to right we have Labradorite, Kyanite, and Snowflake Obsidian. Which one speaks to you? 

The Lost Forest Tarot by Chelsea Santamaria © 2020

As always with the collective readings, take what resonates. I’d love to hear what clicked with you, so leave a comment below!


Pair One – Temperance and Three of Earth

Temperance is all about balance and moderation. If your life is feeling harmonious, and flowing well – keep at it! However, if you feel that things are rocky and are suffering a lot of ups and downs, take time to reflect on where you can make adjustments. What areas of your life need balance to be restored?

This card encourages us to have patience, both with ourselves, and with others. Know that not everything can happen immediately. Maintain a sense of calm in the face of adversity. Doing so will allow you to get through difficulties with more ease, and reduce long-term stress. Don’t forget to practice self-care as needed; harmony is needed on the outside, and inside.

The Three of Earth brings cooperation, and implementation into the month. What goals and projects will you be working towards? You’ve already had the first initial spark of idea, and push forward, but now it’s time to really put things into plan, and action.

Know that it is important to build a solid foundation before you move ahead. By creating a strong beginning, you’ll have a firmer ground to stand upon when challenges come your way.

And remember – you don’t have to work alone! Collaboration and teamwork can get you further ahead. Listen to the ideas of others, and let each person you’re working with contribute with their own unique skills and ideas. 

When we pair Temperance and the Three of Earth together, we get a strong message of patience. Even if you’re reached a sort of milestone along your path, know that there is still a long road ahead. Have the patience and moderation to see things through. Don’t give up when you’re feeling frustrated.

Most importantly, while your current goal is important, know that you still need to maintain balance in life. While you may feel like you have to throw yourself wholly into this adventure, realize that taking a step back from time to time to see the big picture, and to broaden your horizons with other projects will do you a world of good.

Pair Two – The Lovers and Queen of Skies

The Lovers is an interesting card, as while it represent love and relationships, it also encourages us to come into our own, and form our own beliefs about the world around us.

You will find yourself at a crossroads this month, and change will be necessary. When making your choice, it will be important to consider all sides. Think of all options, and all consequence. Consider your personal beliefs and morals, and when you’re ready, make the decision you feel will be best for your highest self.

Be honest with who you are, and what you want out of life. Whether you’re in or looking for a relationship, this is a good month to be vulnerable. Open up, and share who you are with someone else. Let love into your life, and share love with the world around you. 

The Queen of Skies is intelligent, and direct. She seeks justice, and knows how to make decisions when she needs to. She doesn’t beat around the bush, but acts with integrity and honesty. 

While there is nothing wrong with asking others for help, the Queen of Skies encourages independence. Know that you don’t need approval or validation from others to pursue the ideas you wish. Communicate your thoughts and needs clearly, but make sure you have appropriate boundaries in place when needed. Don’t tolerate toxic behaviour from others. The Queen of Skies wouldn’t, and neither should you.

Looking at these two cards together, there is a strong message to stay true to yourself. It’ll be important to strike a balance between needing support and help from others, and being independent. Both cards speak of communication, making this a perfect time for working on your self-expression, but also your ability to listen to others. 

Pair Three – Ten of Skies & Strength

The Ten of Skies brings painful ends, loss, and even betrayal. Things have not been easy lately, and it’s hard to get out from under the feelings of exhaustion and defeat. However, know that the Ten of Skies is a message that the end of these troubles is coming. It might not be easy, and it will take an emotional toll on you, but you will be able to move forward, and start anew. 

Take what you’ve learned through challenges and adversity as you go onto your next phase. Know better than to repeat the same mistakes of the past. You are wiser now, so use that to make your journey forward easier, and more fulfilling.

Realize that you cannot control the actions of others. You can, however, control your own perception and responses. Know it’s okay to mourn what you’ve lost, but don’t fall into feelings of self-pity. When things are feeling grim, look for slivers of light – practice gratitude, and know that things will get better again.

Strength represents an inner, personal power – a type of control where you lead by example, instead of gripping the reins and pulling tight. Sometimes when we try to force something to happen, we actually delay it further. Instead, use your skills in persuasion to start moving things in the direction you want. 

Be a leader that people want to follow. Every day take steps towards living the life you truly desire. Lead by example. Be diplomatic. Channel that inner courage that you have, and let it shine through. By doing so, you will feel your self-confidence bloom, and will be ready to make that fresh start.

When we look at these cards together, Strength brings us amazing energy that we can use to push through the pain of the Ten of Skies. Have the confidence to move on from the pain, and to take ownership of your part. 

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