Tarot For Your Pets: An Experiment

Tarot is a great tool to use to gain insight on yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. But I’ve always wondered if Tarot can also be used to better understand your pets.

With this in mind, I decided to do a little test on my dog, Rhea, and bunny, Bailey. I cleared my mind, tossed my expectations out the window, and asked a few questions with them in front of me. Being that neither have opposable thumbs or understand “pick a card”, I did the choosing for them.

The Readings

The one choice that Rhea did make for them, though, was which deck to use. I laid out five different decks, four animal and nature based, and one smaller deck since they’re small. She showed the most interest in the Wild UnknownWild Unknown (she gave it a lick), so that’s what we went with.

The first question I asked her was how she felt about the park. She cocked her head to the side, and I drew a card. The Ten of Cups.

This card is about happiness, joy, and emotional fulfillment. As a place, it’s somewhere you love to be – somewhere that feels like “home”. For Rhea, I can only assume the specific park she’s thinking of is the one across the street. She barks at other dogs that visit because she seems to think that it’s hers. Either way, venturing out for a run in the park is one of her favourite things to do. Especially when her friends Jagger and Kenny are there.

Rhea and Tarot Cards

The next question, was how do you feel about snacks? To which we pulled the Two of Pentacles. That threw me for a bit of a loop, as the Two of Pentacles represent having balance and moderation in your life. When it comes to food, Rhea has no sense of balance or moderation. Most of the time, she doesn’t even chew.

That said, it did get me thinking. We’ve been a lot more active since Covid hit, so maybe that means she thinks the treat level can be increased (slightly) to match that?

The last question for Rhea was about her relationship with Bailey. The Five of Pentacles came up, which is pretty accurate especially as of late as he’s been a big bully of a bunny to her.

The Five of Pentacles is about feeling isolated, and alone. While it can stand for poverty and illness, it also appears when the querent is feeling or acting like a victim. When Bailey first came to live with us, Rhea picked on him a lot. However, the tables have turned, and he has taken charge of the situation. Providing that animals can feel these types of emotions, the Five of Pentacles is an accurate representation of their current relationship.

Rhea’s Tarot Reading

With Rhea‘s turn over, I moved on to see how Tarot would work with Bailey. Unlike Rhea, who sat patiently on the blanket with me as I pulled cards, Bailey was more interested in getting close-ups of the camera. However, I still managed to get a couple of questions in.

Bailey and Tarot CardsNow that I work from home, Bailey spends a lot of time out of his cage running around the house. So, for my first question, I asked him how he felt spending so much time out of his cage now, and up came The Lovers.

The Lovers is of course about your feelings and love and relationships, but also about your own personal beliefs and uniqueness. This card gives us the freedom to express and to be ourselves, so maybe by being out of his cage so often, Bailey feels like he is free.

Another aspect to the Lovers is personality, and since having run of the house so often we really been able to see his personality come out. He tries new things, plays with new toys, and explores whatever he can. While he’s always been curious, he’s far more active and adventurous as of late.

The last question in my experiment was asking Bailey how he felt about his relationship with Rhea. I drew the Eight of Pentacles, and at first was unsure how to interpret it in this situation.

The Eight of Pentacles encourages mastery and skill development. It’s about dedication and cultivation, and it seems like lately the only thing Bailey is dedicated to in terms of Rhea is antagonizing her.

That said, he has always shown a great interest in everything she does, to the point where he often copies her actions. If she goes outside, he wants to go outside. If she comes running for a snack, he comes running for a snack. Without another bunny in the house, Rhea has kind of been his role model.

I don’t think his goal was ever to upset her, so I feel like the Eight of Pentacles is a sign that he wants to learn from her or understand her better. Maybe even play together some day.

The Conclusion

So, can Tarot really help us understand our pets? I’d say yes, based on the cards I pulled for mine. At first, I wondered if my preconceived ideas about them and their feelings were running the show, but as I pulled cards that surprised me (the Two and Eight of Pentacles especially), I feel like I’ve gained a bit of insight into their lives.

The next test will be trying to read the Tarot cards for somebody else’s pet, and see how accurate the reading we get. However, at the end of the day, will we ever truly know what the animals in our lives are thinking and feeling?

Have you ever tried to read tarot for your pets? Let me know in the comments how it worked out!

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