Tarot & The Year 2021

As we bid adieu to 2020, it’s only natural to wonder what type of energy 2021 will bring into our lives – and what better way to gain some insight than the Tarot!

Every year has an associated number, and therefore an associated card from the Major Arcana. 2021 brings us number five (2+0+2+1=5), which is the Hierophant. I truly believe this card comes at a perfect time. While the Hierophant encourages conformity and tradition, I believe that we are instead being told to ask more questions. Learn more about the world around us, the procedures, the way things are done. By understanding how things came to be, we can better understand how to improve. 

Change and progress take time. With 2021, we will start uncovering information out there that we need to grow, and when 2022 brings in the Lovers, we as a society will begin to reshape our belief systems. Transformation is upon us, and the Hierophant is part of the first step.

Now, let’s get a little more personal. We have our collective card for the year, but what about your personal card? Calculating your card for the year ahead gives you a little message of advice or what to expect. Learn how to calculate your card number below, and then scroll down to see what advice the cards have for you for 2021. To mix things up a little, I used a different deck for every card. I chose cards from different decks that I felt spoke to the meaning of the card itself – and it was definitely fun going through them all!

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How to Calculate Your Tarot Card for the Year

There are a couple of different methods that people use to calculate their number for the year ahead, but the following is the one that I’m sticking to. It’s easy, and follows similar calculation techniques from other facets of numerology.

Take your birthday and the year you wish to calculate your Tarot card for. Add each set of numbers together – you’ll come out with a four-digit number. Add each individual number in that set. If your number is 21 or under, stop. If your number is above 21, repeat the process by adding the individual numbers together. Now, find the Major Arcana card that is associated with that number.

Here’s mine as an example:

What’s Your Message for 2021?

Using the method above, calculate the number of your Tarot card for 2021. What number did you get? Scroll down through the numbers below to find your card and get some quick, general advice for 2021.

How did your message resonate? Are you ready to bring in 2021? I’d love to hear from you – so let me know in the comment section below!


1 – The Magician

Featuring: The Light Seer’s Tarot

It’s time to harness your powers, tap into your skills, and gather your resources – 2021 is the year to make things happen! If you know your purpose, set forward towards accomplishing goals that are aligned in that direction. If you’re still wavering, spend time this year figuring out who you are, and what you want out of life.

The Magician is a reminder that we are in control of our own journey. Your personal power can only be taken if you allow it to be. Know that what you wish to manifest can be yours as long as you put in the effort to make it happen. At the same time, remember that the road ahead is not eased by manipulating yourself or others. Remain true to your goals, and who you are.

2 – The High Priestess

Featuring: True Black Tarot

The High Priestess dwells in the veil of the conscious and subconscious, and it’s time for you to delve deeper into the realms of wisdom, understanding, and awareness. You will be able to find great spiritual growth this year – but remember that to do so, you must work at it, trust yourself, and trust your place in the universe.

Allow your intuition to flow, and pay attention to the messages you are receiving whether you find them in numbers, patterns, tools, or dreams. Use your senses to guide you. Remember to maintain connections to the physical world. Create, nurture, and remain compassionate. The secrets of the universe are waiting for you to embrace them.


3 – The Empress

Featuring: Santa Muerte Tarot

The year ahead brings great possibilities for abundance and and connecting with your femininity. Give birth to something new, and allow your creativity to flourish. While the Empress is a wonderful nurturer, she also knows when to take a step back from caring for others, and take care of herself. Be sure to make time for self-care. Nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Seek beauty in the world, and bring it into your daily life. Display fresh flowers in your home, feel the ground under your feet, or simply soak up the sun – bask in nature in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Ground yourself in nature, and take time to appreciate everything around you. Realize the abundance present in your life. Indulge your senses, and your sensuality. Allow yourself to grow – don’t give into insecurity or let it hold you back.

4 – The Emperor

Featuring: Tarot of the Divine

With the Emperor as your card, 2021 encourages you to bring some much needed structure into your life. Develop a routine, and stick to it. Have a clear plan of action as you take on new tasks and challenges. Set rules for yourself, but be practical when deciding what these rules are. The Emperor is about having control, but it’s important that you don’t pull the reins so tightly that you can’t move.

Focus on the masculine energy within you – know that it’s time to put yourself out there, and take action. Does the Emperor sit on his throne expecting things to be done? No! He makes decisions, he takes actions, and he is a true leader. It’s time for you to step into this same role. Stand up for the people and causes that are important to you. Show discipline, but remember to still allow room for flexibility.

5 – The Hierophant

Featuring: Ghost Tarot

Sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to not rock the boat, and go along with systems and procedures that are already in place. Give the try, tested, and true method a worthwhile go. Make improvements as you learn what it’s really all about. While the Hierophant does not advise blindly conforming to a system or an idea, it’s important to understand why things are the way they are. Understand  so that you can form educated opinions.

This is a great year for learning, and strengthening your understanding. If you have a specific area of knowledge or expertise, this might be a good time to mentor others that are learning. Participate in group functions (safely, of course!), and find your community of like-minded people.

6 – The Lovers

Featuring: Prisma Visions Tarot

The Lovers brings love romance into our year, but it also comes with choices. Let love flow through you, and enjoy in the company of those around you. Build up your relationships, and strengthen your connections. Show the world who you truly are. Let your uniqueness shine, and be loved and appreciated for it. Use your confidence and voice to support and empower others.

Form your own beliefs about the world around you. The Lovers tells us that we get to choose who we want to be in this life. Who is it that you want to be? Are your ideals aligned with your goals? What is important in your life? Don’t be scared to be who you are – stop living your life for other people. Be authentically you.

7 – The Chariot

Featuring: Night Sun Tarot

There is no stopping you in 2021! The Chariot brings us great forward moving energy, where we are determined to accomplish what we set out before us. Through sheer willpower, you can get yourself through to the end. That said, be sure that you know where you’re going or you may find yourself being lead astray. Have a clear plan, and then take action.

Don’t allow challenges to set you back – face them straight on, and plough your way through. Victory can be yours, but it’s important to realize that hoping for it to happen is not enough. Make things happen for yourself. Be focused in your execution, and determine to reach your goal. Use the knowledge that you can succeed to propel you forward.

8 – Strength

Featuring: The Idiosyncradeck

With Strength as your card for the year, this will be a great time to build on your inner strength, confidence, and personal power. Strength isn’t about putting strict limitations on yourself and others to force control. Instead, it asks you to influence insead of control. Be diplomatic, and use your skills of persuasion to acquire what you need.

Be confident and bold in your actions, and you will find that you become a natural leader. Show compassion towards others, but more importantly, towards yourself. Have the inner courage and strength to admit when you’re wrong, and know that there are still areas where you need to grow.


9 – The Hermit

Featuring: The Fountain Tarot

With 2020, we had a lot of time isolated, and alone. However, the Hermit for 2021 asks you to realize that alone time doesn’t have to mean isolation. Work on being comfortable by yourself, and tuning out the noise around you. Shut off social media from time to time, and disconnect from the hustle and bustle.

The Hermit encourages us to venture inwards so that we can tap into our inner wisdom. This year will be all about introspection – learning what you do, how you feel, and why you do and feel those things. Consider journaling your thoughts, or delving into meditation if you don’t already. By going inside ourselves, we can find the answers we’ve been searching for.

10 – Wheel of Fortune

Featuring: Soul Cards Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune asks you to consider the cyclical nature of life. When things are going well, and luck is on your side enjoy it! Be grateful for the good fortune bestowed upon you, as the wheel can turn in the other direction at any point in time. Sometimes we have lessons to learn, and we cannot change the direction that things are heading. Know that this is natural, and not everything can be controlled – trust in the universe. Work on going with the flow this year. This ability will help ease the pain and anxiety that swells every time things aren’t going quite your way.

Remember that the energy you put out into the world is returned back to you. Positivity attracts positivity, just like negativity breeds negativity. Decide which you want in your life.

11 – Justice

Featuring: Skele-Tarot

Truth, honesty, and fairness are your themes for 2021. It’s time to step up, and take accountability for your actions – no more shying away and hoping things blow over, or blaming others for the fallout from your choices. By stepping up and being responsible, you’ll find your path forward much more amicable.

Justice reminds us that our actions have consequences. Whatever decisions you make, be sure that you are prepared with what comes afterwards. Be fair in your judgements of yourself and others. Seek honesty and truth instead of listening to hearsay and gossip. Search for the facts, and get to the heart of the matter. Approach the year with a strong sense of fairness, and act with integrity.


12 – The Hanged Man

Featuring: The Marigold Tarot

The Hanged Man is all about taking a moment to pause, periods of inaction, and seeing things from a different perspective. When arguments or challenges arise, put yourself in the other party’s shoes. Seeing things from their perspective can broaden your mind, and give you a better understanding of the situation.

Know that sometimes inaction is the best course of action. Not everything must have an immediate solution, nor does every problem need to be met with confrontation. If you’re inclined to rushing into things, practice taking a breath, and pausing before pummeling forward. At the same time, know that while a break can be necessary, it should not be used as a way to avoid the issues at hand.

13 – Death

Featuring: Lost of Hollow Tarot

Get ready, as change and transition is coming for 2021. Death signifies the end of an idea, a relationship, a situation, or even saying goodbye to the person you are as you shed your skin and grow into someone new. We’re not always ready for things to come to an end, but instead of focusing on the pain, think of the experience gained, the good things that came, and the future ahead.

Change can be scary, but know that it is necessary. Focus on closing doors to things that no longer serve you. Sometimes we have to sever ties and gain closure before we are able to truly transform. Don’t be held back by your past. You’re no longer the same person you were a year ago, so why hold on to attachments that are bringing you down?

14 – Temperance

Featuring: Linestrider Tarot

With 2020 being such a roller coaster of a year, it’s only natural to feel all over the place. However, Temperance asks for balance in every facet of our lives. For the year ahead, focus on bringing balance and moderation back into your life. Work on healing yourself from the inside out. Bring a harmony and tranquility into your life to help balance the chaos from the outside world.

Make 2021 a year to practice patience. Know that the changes you make may not see immediate results, but don’t give up! Keep working towards your goals, and higher purpose. If you’re still searching for a purpose in life, spend time this year digging deep – what do you want to do with your life? If you feel that you’re on the wrong path, alter course.


15 – The Devil

Featuring: Lumina Tarot

Stop holding yourself hostage! For 2021, focus on releasing the chains that bind you – those negative thought patterns, bad habits, and vices. It can be easy to slip into those comfortable patterns, but this is the year to break them. Come out of hiding, and confront your shadow self. Dig deep, and get to the root of the habits you wish to break.

The Devil also encourages us to experience pleasure. Don’t shy away from your sexuality, and know that there’s nothing wrong with safely indulging in the things you enjoy. At the same time, make sure that your indulgences are not merely a coping mechanism or an escape from reality. However, remember that pleasure can easily turn into addiction – keep yourself balanced.


16 – The Tower

Featuring: Heaven and Earth Tarot

Ready or not, this coming year is about to shake things up! The Tower brings unexpected change and upheaval. It’s uncomfortable, and at times, painful. However, it also brings a sense of revival and awakening. Trust that this downfall will be worth it on the other side. Open yourself to revelations, expose lies, and find hidden truths.

Make 2021 a year to rebuild from the ground up. This is the perfect opportunity to shift course, and focus on a new area of your life. When the Tower crumbles, it exposes weaknesses to the foundation. Learn from what you’ve experienced thus far, and know that as build yourself back up, you will become stronger and more capable.

17 – The Star

Featuring: Everyday Tarot

The Star is filled with hope, faith, and inspiration. Take a deep breath. After the chaos of the previous year, 2021 will usher in a renewed sense of calm. You’ve learned a lot about yourself, and had your thoughts and ideas challenged. But now you are ready to emerge from the dust, and welcome new experiences into your life.

Allow yourself the inspiration to create, and allow the energy of the universe to flow through you. Let the star within you shine. With the Star’s generous spirit, you are encouraged to share your wealth with those around you. Remember, wealth doesn’t necessarily mean money, but can be time, ideas, energy, along with material possessions. Everything will align to make this year a bright one – just maintain your faith in both yourself and the universe.

18 – The Moon

Featuring: The Lost Forest Tarot

Darkness and moonlight bring different world to life. Everything we saw clearly in the day, becomes skewed by shadows. The Moon brings mystery into our lives, which can often feed into our fears, and insecurities. We are drawn into the illusions, and lose our footing – overwhelmed with anxiety uncertainty. For 2021, it’s time to stop running.

What fears are you giving into, and how are they holding you back? Confront them, and work towards releasing yourself from them. It takes time and effort, but every step you talk forward is a step towards the light. If you need more information, find it. Ask the uncomfortable questions. Listen to your intuition, and remember that if something feels fishy, it probably is.

19 – The Sun

Featuring: The Spacious Tarot

Bright, cheerful, full of joy! The Sun bodes well for happiness and success in 2021! You’ve had time to reflect on the darker aspects of your life, you’ve put in time and effort towards your goals, and now it’s time step into the abundance that you’ve worked towards. While your success may not come at the stroke of midnight, know that if you keep up the effort, it can be yours.

Go forth into the new year with optimism and confidence. Believe that things will work out, take appropriate action, and you can be sure that they will. Maintain your health and vitality – and don’t forget to soak in the sun’s rays when you can! Spread laughter and happiness to those around you. Allow your playful nature to come through, and make time to simply enjoy being alive. Let your positivity and vibrance shine!

20 – Judgement

Featuring: Tarot of the Gods

Judgement asks you to look at your journey thus far. Self-reflection and evaluation can bring up uncomfortable memories, but the process allows us new realizations, and the chance to make appropriate changes.

Oftentimes when Judgement calls we will be asked to make a difficult decision – so look out for that in the coming year. When the time comes, use a healthy balance of heart and mind to make your choice. Remember, that at the end of the day, you must answer to yourself. Make choices based on what you feel is your highest good.  If you’re feeling shame or regret over actions in the past it’s time to atone, and put them to rest. You’ve learned your lesson. There’s no need to continue punishing yourself.


21 – The World

Featuring: Tattoo Tarot

Success, completion, fulfillment. The World signifies that you will be reaching the end of a cycle in 2021, and with that comes a sense of wholeness. You have been overcome challenges, and made it to your milestone. Allow yourself to bask in your accomplishment, but remain grateful for everything you have endured. This completion will bring a sense of peace and harmony into your life. Enjoy it while it’s present.

Remember that success is never guaranteed. Therefore, it’s important to not take your current progress for granted. With the World behind you, you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do – but nothing will happen without you taking action. Be sure to wrap up loose ends, and bring things to a close. Only then will you be able to feel the satisfaction of a job well done as you prepare for the next journey to come.

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